SADIDI: A journey in the Fon language (the local language spoken in the south of Benin)

Since 2005 we have travelled the country in search of places and with a local flavour. We invite you to share with our friends in their daily life and discover its multiple facets.
History and local religion will be revealed to you during your visit.
Voodoo rites, dances and ceremonies are a common sight during the dry season. With our close relationship to the local community you won’t miss a thing !
A great variety of nationalities or ethnic groups, each one with its own distinct identity, waiting to be discovered: Mina, Fon, Gun, Yoruba, Dendi, Idasha, Natemba, Otanmari, Niendé, Berba, Bariba, Wamas.
And so many places of cultural interest to see: Bopa and lake Ahémé, the lagoon-city of Aguégués, Abomey with its royal palace and voodoo temples, Lokoli with its marsh forest, the hills of Kamaté and the sacred stone of Yarakéo, Taîacoi with its king Kouaro and Korenkoré with its hunters, the earth dwellings (tata sombas) of Koussoucouangou, the giant trees in the forest of Niaouli, Ouidah with its sacred forest and the portal of no return, the beaches of Grand Popo, pottery at Sé and the grilled pork in the markets of Adjarra, the black river of Tchakou and of course Cotonou and the Dantokpa market.

In each location a local guide who speaks the local language will proudly present to you the personalities of the village, the families and their activities.
Walks and treks are available in the form of 10 to 15-day circuits from south to north and from mid-July to the end of May. Two persons minimum.
You can travel from place to place on mountain bike, in the shade of the forest, by the lakeside and along the coast. Distances are no more than 40 km per day. After a morning of cycling, you can visit places of interest in afternoon by bike or on foot. Circuits start from 7 days. From mid July to the end of May. Four persons minimum.
New for this year: the SLAVE ROUTE ! An excursion on foot from ABOMEY, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Danhomé to Ouidah, the site where slaves were embarked. You will walk in the footsteps of the hunters, the traders and the slaves. 120 km in five days. This can be combined with other itineraries. Canoe trips will be included, travelling on lakes and rivers.

We also offer original activities such as:
– build a Tata (earthen hut) with the people of the Somba country.
– Learn the local cuisine.

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