Laurent Viart
01 BP 5717
Cotonou - Bénin

(+229) 97 68 65 50

Getting there
Flights from Paris to Cotonou can be booked with these airlines:
Air France
Royal Air Maroc (via Casablanca)
Brussels Airlines
Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul)

Precautions against Mosquitos
Malaria is present in Benin. Consult your doctor for antimalarial drugs. In France “Doxypalu” is refunded by the health service. The best protection is not to get bitten. As evening approaches put on light clothing with long sleeves and apply repellent.

Your generosity is appreciated. From experience, our advise is that a suitable offering for children is clothing: T-shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts. These little presents are always appreciated. Sweets are perishable !

A small agency at the airport can change Euros for CFA on your arrival.
NOTE: Only Visa cards are accepted.

Links and Friends
Our Friends :
The Wriggles and Entre 2 caisses, les bandes à Mouron, 2 groups of friends who sing the way I like.
• No education without physical education. My old colleagues. It’s good to be a teacher.
Bed and breakfast, with my friends in the country of Foie gras !
• An association of musicians, Blue Line
• Another association of musicians, l’Arriere Boutique
• A humanitarian organisation: Au fil du Niger
Maison d’ocre: seasonal rented accommodation in the Ventoux
Serge Sang, website of my photographer friend.

• The official site of Pendjari national park
The Benin Embassy in Paris


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